Cyberthreats - Dangerous email and links

Handle email attachments and hyperlinks safely

What will I learn?

  • The dangers of email attachments and hyperlinks
  • How to distinguish between real and fake email
  • Common business scams to be aware of
  • Spear phishing characteristics and what to look out for



An appreciation of the small business workplace

A general familiarity with internet browsing and common office applications

Online delivery – self-paced

Self-paced course benefits include

  • Progress at your own pace, at anytime from anywhere
  • No staff scheduling conflicts or venue capacity issues
  • Content can be reviewed later as required
  • Scales easily


This non-technical course considers the dangers of email attachments and hyperlinks, fake email and common business scams.

The course introduces the dangers of email attachments.  Reasons why attackers favour email are explained.  Practical email protection steps are outlined.  Hyperlinks and their dangers are explored.  Ways to distinguish between real and fake email are provided.  Scams targeting small business and protection advice are discussed.  A specific attack type – spear phishing – is also considered.

This key information security awareness topic is presented in a straightforward, accessible and practical manner.

After the course, use the course workbook to reflect upon and improve information security awareness at your workplace.

Note: Cyberthreats – Dangerous email and links is included in the Information security awareness course.

Course content and overview

• Email attachments

• Hyperlinks

• Common scams

• Spear phishing

The course comprises of 7 video lectures. Lectures play typically for 4-6 minutes.

There are resources and practice activities: e.g. annotated lecture slides, online quizzes providing immediate feedback, a workbook and a topic bibliography.

Including quizzes and workbook, the course requires around 1-hour effort.

A completion certificate is also available.

Who is the target audience?

  • Small business employers and employees

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What's included?

7 Videos
4 Quizzes
3 PDFs
David Chapman
David Chapman
Information security trainer

About the instructor

Hi, I’m David Chapman from CHL, a small UK company providing online information security and programming skills training.

I have a PhD in small firm information security from Coventry University.

As an IT practitioner, I am actively involved in cloud-based platform-as-a-service application deployment.  I have project managed – classically and increasingly through Agile - many small and medium-sized information system implementations.  I have also developed and delivered many face-to-face technical IT developer-focussed and information security commercial training courses.

As a teaching academic, I develop and deliver information security-related university undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the UK and abroad.

Combining practitioner and academic activity benefits industry clients and students alike.  As a practitioner, I am more reflective and better informed by current research.  As a teaching academic, practitioner activity keeps me up-to-date about current industry practices.

Why the small business focus?  I just like small business.  I value its human scale.  It’s an honourable, decent way to make a living.  I am a fourth-generation small business owner.  

I’m Australian and proud of it.  But, despite the weather, I have lived in the UK for nearly forty years.

Instructor availability

Due to current schedule commitments, I can't commence any additional instructor led course deliveries until February 2018.

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